Exodus to Europa

Exodus to Europa is a self-portrait, film photography series about a fictional expedition to colonize another terrestrial place. It explores the types of fashion, statuses, biases and ideologies that we might bring with us from earth and how they might change over time as we adapt to a new way of living.

The year was 2300. A  handful of the world's leaders and noble families gathered together to coordinate a mass departure from Earth. The voyagers fled with some of civilization's most prized possessions.  They clung desperately to these heirlooms of a past human existence, the very objects that consumed the planet in which they fled from.

Their first destination was an icy moon of Jupiter, named Europa, where they extracted resources. Shortly after, the mission began in search of a new terrestrial place to terraform and start again.

200 years later, the Xenovus starship is a trans-neptunian object, and still roams space in search of Earth II. A surrogate planet, the inheritor of Humankind.

Nikon F5
Carl Zeiss 28mm/2.8
Ektachrome 100/Provia 100

self portrait