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Exodus to Europa

       ‘Exodus to Europa’ is a self-portrait, film photography series about imagining a future where humans become a spacefaring species owing to earthly struggles such as material shortages and violent climate change. The title refers to a mass migration of humanity to another planet, Europa being one of the moons of Jupiter that may contain water and in my mind might be the first stop on humanity’s voyage. 

       The photo series also analyzes and criticizes the cultural selection process that might occur if we continue to overvalue those materials, lifestyles and actions that have been stripping the vitality of the earth since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The extraction of materials such as silver, gold, pearls, furs, diamonds, oil, and textiles has disfigured the earth and its ecosystems with mining and pollution while those objects remain among the most coveted of our species. ‘Exodus to Europa’ shows a branch of humanity desperately clinging to its earthly delights while setting out on an unparalleled quest for preservation. 

Nikon F5
Carl Zeiss 28mm/2.8
Ektachrome 100/Provia 100



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