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a flesh sack, floating through the social ooze. trivial talks and vacant eyes. 25% off, buy one get one free, discounted delirium, please, smile, thank you, welcome, can i help you. when commercial jingles burrow into your brain like parasitic worms one must seek isolation, at least until the consumerist crusade has called a ceasefire. alienated by the masses one retreats to an 8 by 12 foot cabin. a tiny isolated oasis on a sparsely populated island. surrounding, a circler wall of bark, needles and low fog.

pleasant at first, the sun, the breeze, the oceans ebb, the tiny woodland animals. eventually you cant fill your days with enough. split wood, fetch water, cook food, sleep, awaken. split, fetch, cook, sleep, wake. repetition, obsession, delusion. fetch sleep, cook wood, split self, always awake. dissociation, the mind ripped from the body. the body an autopilot object. the mind unable to identify itself, relate to its own image, the mind takes flight to a string of internal parallel universes. scattered input, disconnected objects, personified animals, alien interiors, alter-ego company. creating a perfect parallel world, free of trademark idioms, small talk sickness, and cabin fever cancers.

Nikon FM2
Carl Zeiss 28mm/2.8
Ilford XP2/HP5 ISO 400

self portraits

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